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Asian Dan Q&A : Brodinski introduces Bromance Records

We always are looking for the perfect soundtrack to our Bromances. Pause. But search no more for Bromance Records is upon us. Brodinski is one of the founding fathers of Bromance Records. Brodinski and Gessaffelstein just released the label’s debut release which is a split single of massive techno proportions. Give a listen to both tracks below and check out what Brodinski has to say about why he started this adventure known as Bromance Records.

Asian Dan Q&A : Brodinsiki introduces Bromance Records

Who is Bromance Records?

Bromance Records started with a collaboration between Manu Barron (CEO Of Savoir Faire Company, including also Paris Social Club) and myself. All with a perfect team of talented people behind us.

Why start a Bromance/label these days?

It’s cool to actually have the possibility to release stuff you love, from People you care about. It’s not only about music on Bromance, it’s also about Friendship. We had the opportunity to create something different and exciting, so we did it!

What makes a perfect Bromance? Pause.

Hahah, I will say that work and friendship together are getting along pretty well most of the times, and this is exactly what I live since the beginning of my own career. Working with people I love and who are also really talented. The atmosphere of the label will always stay around this kind of relationships -I hope so!

Techno seems to be the element of a good Bromance – what kind of records will we expect from the Bromance team?

It’s not just about techno music, it’s also about music we want people to hear. The next project will be Gucci Vump, which is one of my side project with Guillaume Briere from The Shoes. It’s gonna be a mixtape for the internet including beats we did this year, inspired by Dj Screw and the whole Southern Rap Scene. So we will try to give people the choice, and not only give them club music.

What is a dream Bromance collaboration?

I would love The Weeknd to work with us. I’m still pretty obsessed about his music. I will definitely look for talented people like him to propose this kind of amazing project.

Does Bromance “do it for the LOLZ?”

Yes of course, I don’t have a smile on my face 24/7 for nothing! I think it’s a serious adventure with 100% of fun inside.

What are your favorite tunes right now that you can’t stop playing at the Bromance HQ?

I will say the ASAP Rocky Mixtape, the new Robert Hood and Floorplan on M-Plant Records, The Drake Album, The New MikeQ EP on Fade To Mind, Cubic Zirconia, all The Pelican Fly Releases, tracks from Mark Broom & Kink too! Lana del Rey, Riton, Glass Figure and a lot more. Every kind of music we love.

Future plans for Bromance Records?

The Gucci Vump mixtape is coming out before Christmas, and then some secret suprises!

Final words?

I hope people will love the first release and start to follow us for a long time! Love live Bromance Paris Techno City.

Also check out this tough techno tune filled mix by Brodinski & Gessaffelstein. It is a 1 hour mix filled with some goodies such as a remix of the classic Detroit Grand Pubahs “Sandwiches” and Outlander “The Vamp”.

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