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DVNO returns with the second installment of his mixtape series entitled “DVNOLANDIA”. Asian Dan premiered his first mixtape “Moonlighting” last year. With the help of Birdy Nam Nam’s DJ Pone, DVNO put together this eclectic mixtape of 15 unreleased original songs plus a few bootlegs, remixes and extrapolations of tracks by fellow Parisian artists such as Jus†ice, Para One, Chateau Marmont and Singtank. Stream and download DVNOLANDIA below and catch up with DVNO and learn what he has in the works.


“Dynamically, it is a roller coaster ride. From beginning to end, the mixtape builds and breaks in every genre you could imagine. While listening, it’s hard not to hear everything from Classic to Psychedelic to Prog Rock to late 90’s Hip-Hop to Dance Music. The composition is truly unique in it’s style. Teaming up with DJ Pone on the decks, DVNO captures a sound that isn’t really prevalent anymore. It breaks every cliché of the electronic genre right now. It’s rebellious without even trying.”

Catching up with DVNO:

1. Where in the world is DVNO ?

I was in DVNOLANDIA for a while (Divinolândia is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil). Now, I’m back and I’m locked in a basement somewhere in Paris, from dusk till dawn, polishing songs and writing down lyrics for my forthcoming album while not spinning back to back with So-Me in the sweet moisture of a club . (We have that sort of monthly party called Manigance going on here and there)
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