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Asian Dan Q&A : Club Cheval + Bromance #3

Club Cheval are some serious rave bros bringing back some serious 90s rave vibes but shot into hyper-speed all with a touch of that French electronic finesse. The quartet recently released a new track entitled “Now U Realize” on Bromance Records. Check out the track and a new track from Brodinski & Louisahhh as well.

Asian Dan Q&A : Club Cheval

1. Who is Club Cheval ?

Club Cheval is a weird mix between a collective, a band of best friends, a band, a dj crew, a laboratory, a philosophic club. It’s like fusioning four different brains in order to achieve ur objectives. This is Club Cheval.

2. How would you describe your music?

It’s always been hard for us to describe our style. To make it simple, the music of Club Cheval is the result of a looong journey deep inside each of us’ memory. From Panteros’s love for belgian techno to Canblaster’s fantasy about japanese stabs. From Myd’s passion for pop to Sam Tiba’s knowledge of ghetto music. When we gather to make music, this all merges into one big musical maelstrom. If we had to chose one adjective to describe our style, it would be EPIC.

3. What was your first musical memory?

The Sub created by the contact between the placenta and our ears, back in the days, in our maker’s belly.

4. The French electronic scene has been an important part of the electronic musical universe, your tribute to the past 20 years of French Dance music is one of my favorite snapshots of the French sound – what do you guys take from all of this and inject into your music to make your own?

Making this mix tape was such an experience! Digging through french electronic music’s history was the kind of mission we really love. Of course, our french “ancestors” are a huge inspiration for us. It’s funny to know that french electronic music is sometimes more famous abroad than huge french variety artists. Daft Punk are some of our idols, as you can imagine. It’s like for any other influence we have. You can feel it in our music but you can’t really pinpoint it and exactly tell where it’s hidden in our tracks. That’s the cool thing about Club Cheval. You feel things but can’t really explain them.

5. What is it like to be part of (a) Bromance such as Club Cheval and Bromance Records?
The thing is that it really IS a Bromance. We just came back Barcelona Sonar Festival and four days of hanging out with Brodi and Gesa felt like 4 hours. We are having a great time each time we see each other.
We are also helping Brodinski a lot with his production, and being in the studio with someone always helps creating strong relationships. He is like a real brother now. Manu Barron was also the one that gave us the idea of turning Club Cheval into a real band. If Bromance was the family, Manu would be the cool father and Gesaffelstein is the weird cousin ahah.

6. “Now U Realize” is your latest release with the Bromance crew and pulls from some serious 90s rave vibes. What was the inspiration for this track? Are you guys “primal, heading for cosmic“?

We LOVE the movie Vibrations, Canblaster always wished he was Cyberstorm. The main inspirations were the late 90 rave anthem, but of course old RnB vocal cuts, and the chords wouldn’t be complete without a little dissonant chord of the discord toward the end.

7. What are your top 5 favorite dance tracks of all time? What are some of your fav tracks/producers/DJs at the moment?

Faithless – Insomnia
The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)
Les Rythmes Digitales – (Hey You) What’s that sound?
Mory Klein – Kick that Bass
Wamdue Project – King of my Kastle

Producers : Maelstrom, Boy 8 Bit, Redlight, Dr. Luke, Gesaffelstein, Unicorn Kid, Jam City

8. Where do you look for LOLz on the web? What Meme represents Club Cheval?
Condescending Wonka is the Club Cheval meme.

9. What is the future of electronic music and how will Club Cheval change that future? Go.

Club Cheval met le feu.

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