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Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO + Moonlighting Mixtape

This man needs no introduction for he is the man behind the musical likings of Scenario Rock and the voice that echoed “D-V-N-O, four capital letters…”, Mehdi Pinson returns under his alias “DVNO” with some new music that can be found in his new mixtape entitled “Moonlighting”. Download it below and check out the Asian Dan Q&A with DVNO.

Download: DVNO : Moonlighting Mixtape

Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO

Who is DVNO?

Well I guess it’s me. The conceptor and voice behind the eponymous song by Jus†ice. It’s becoming such a brand and trademark with clubs, promoters, djs, blogs, magazines and eventually the urban dictionary referring to the term as common expression to describe crappy discotheques. It really cracks me up. Last time Busy P told me a dude was complaining on twitter pretending he was the real DVNO. I own the copyright man !

How would your describe your music?

A sort of Drive by Crooning. A mixture of elegance and debauchery like Ferris Bueller playing “the Blue Danube” on his keyboard using sampled coughs and sick sounds then eventually singing in the parade.

What was your first musical memory?

Dancing to the JB’s and Otis Redding with my father singing along. He used to sit on the carpet with headphones on, playing moroccan tam tam, mimicking his favorite artists.

DVNO has covered every musical base from being a singer/songwriter to DJ/producer – why the urge to be such a chameleon? What is left for you to be in the music industry?

It’s just who I am. I’m not trying to follow any strategy but my path. I’ve always been involved in many different things growing up in the suburbs and skateboarding in the late 80’s / 90’s, music, fashion, art, entertainment seemed to be a unique way to transcend my routine. It was very chaotic so far and I feel like I didn’t reach my peak yet. I don’t wanna be a rockstar or anything like that. It’s more about leaving a notable footprint and having a positive impact. A few Grammys and a bigger house for my parents would be cool tho. I’m also thinking of directing my own music video. I don’t sleep much anyway.

Can you explain what this Moonlighting mixtape is all about?

it’s a collection of rough ideas, themes, and unfinished tracks I’ve been making the past few months while procrastinating, bedroom producing, chilling, touring, messing around with music gadgets. I simply asked the expertise of my partner in crime DJ PONE and we cut the whole mix live. It’s not really a peak to what I’m gonna release as a solo album. It’s a rare moment of freedom like the Parenthèse enchantée.

Are these 27 tracks that you have been sitting on for quite a while? What was some inspiration for this mixtape?

I started making beats on a tape recorder and turntables. Then things changed for the best with technology and I’m totally grateful. But I thought it would be fun to release something in an old fashion way, mixed live on turntables, like hip hop radio shows in the early 90’s. We use to do that with Pone when we were teens and 2012 was the perfect timing for teaming up again.

“It’s no question life’s been good to me ‘Cause life ain’t nothing but a good groove A good mix tape to put you in the right mood.” – Mike D

What are you Top 5 “beats” of all time?

(Too many to name so I’ll go for the original samples.)

BEAT IT or BILLIE JEAN Michael Jackson
FAME & David Bowie

What music have you been listening to lately?

Thanks to Gaspard, I’ve recently discovered Jesus of Cool by Nick Lowe and Flo & Eddie are quite cool too. I’ve been listening to the song Si Si Si by Alkpote a lot in the tour bus and few other Rap tunes by French Montana, ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller, The Guxxi Vump mixtape and Bromance for sure.

What does 2012 have in store for DVNO?

I’ll be the support act for the JUS†ICE World Tour 2012. Spinning and promoting The Moonlighting mixtape here and there … I also got a full album cooking, hopefully being produced by my friend Dustin N’ Guyen and a few other collabs and remixes to be release soon.

Stay Tuned !

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