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Joy Orbision “J. Doe” + BBC Radio 20 Min Mix

A more up beat/housey sounding track from Joy Orbison – a great follow up to “Hyph Mngo” and “Wet Look”. He is definitely in my top 3 new acts list of 2009. I want more!

Joy Orbision – J. Doe*Removed by Request*

Download: Joy Orbison – BBC Radio’s Mary Ann Hobbs 20 Min Mix

Home Park – ‘Beatdown’ [Joy Orbison’s Narcissismix] (White)
Joy Orbison – ‘GR Etiquette’ (White)
Joy Orbison – ‘BRKLN CLLN’ (Doldrums)
Joy Orbison – ‘The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow’ (Aus)
Joy Orbison – ‘Ode To The Brudio’ (White)
Joy Orbison – ‘J. Doe’ (Doldrums)
Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mngo’ (Hotflush)

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Joy Orbison: BSRkR01 Downtempo Mix

I want some Joy Orbison tracks but it looks like we will all have to wait till he releases his stuff in the fall. Pitchfork just gave him some love today and Joy just gave a shoutout to all the blog love he has been getting, Asian Dan included. <3 u Joy Orbison

Download: Joy Orbison: BSRkR01 Downtempo Mix


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This is one of very few times I checked out and artist just because of their name and it has paid off, JOY ORBISON. Best. Name. Ever. AND his music is fucking awesome. This is dubstep that isn’t full of annoying huge warbly basslines, instead it is that introspective chilled out dubstep that Mount Kimbie and Burial have perfected meets that old school Garage sound, which I both love. Also I saw “Todd Edwards, Martin Hannett, and Mike Watt” in his influences section of Myspace and that won me over. Check out these 2 fantastic 40 min mixes as well as some clips of Joy Orbison’s own productions on myspace. I am going to be watching out for this guy.

Download: Joy Orbison – DLDRMS001

This mix opens up with an amazing remix of Jamie Lidell’s “Another Day” by Rustie, it sounds like a drugged out Timbaland/Justin Timberlake collaboration.

Download: Joy Orbison – NPIP Mix

Tracklists after the jump.

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