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Die Verboten: Live In Eivissa

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2 Many DJ’s Takeover Rob Da Bank

Only the Dewaele Brothers could craft such an epic and awesome mix such as this. 420 Intros in 60 mins. Wow. Somehow they take such an absurd concept and turn it into something actually listenable and quite enjoyable. This is the thinking man’s Girl Talk. INTROVERSEY! Also check out the 2nd hour which includes a fantastic disco mix. 🙂 GENIUS!!

2 Many DJ’s Take Over Rob Da Bank – 2 Exclusive Mixes: DOWNLOAD NOW

2 Many DJ’s x Rob Da Bank

Introversy – 420 intros in 60 minutes…..

Amazing tracklist after the jump….

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Das Pop – Try Again

The self-titled album by Das Pop is finally coming out 4.20.2009, produced by the Dewaele Brothers (Soulwax). It is pop rock goodness at its best. I love their artwork, it is so Pop Art. Ha.

Das Pop Myspace posted the official music video for Samantha Fu’s “Theme from Discotheque”, a moniker of the Dewaele Brothers. Classic track. Check it out after the jump.

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